Samsung & Their “Originality” Problem

by Da'Von B.

Samsung is essentially a large copy machine, this is far from being a hyperbolic statement, the company has very little originality and seem incapable of delivering products people would actually use. Gimmicks aside how many people do you know with Samsung Galaxy S4 devices actually utilize the features shown in the commercials? If you have to create an “easy” feature in the phone you’ve failed at delivering a proper product to the customer. They’re a company that screams for the attention and clearly show little shame in copying their competitors. Everyone knows about the Apple situation but what about in 2006 when they were sued by RIM (now known as Blackberry) over trademark infringement?

In its lawsuit, RIM suggested it was no accident that Samsung used a different name overseas, where BlackBerry is less popular, and then chose the BlackJack name for the market where BlackBerry is best known. RIM’s lawsuit also suggested that Samsung chose the BlackJack to take advantage of the recent launch a BlackBerry device called the Pearl that is similarly small and also black in color.


Doesn’t seem as such a major issue right? Before the Blackberry how many other companies were making devices similar to the Blackberry devices of yester-year?

Then there’s the Apple suit that Samsung simply won’t find their way around aside from fighting in courts all over the world (literally) Samsung has essentially lost every battle (including their home turf) there’s no endgame, they’ll have to pay Apple a great deal when everything comes to a conclusion.  Yes pundits who seem considerably smart but make some of the most illogical statements suggest Samsung’s “copying” of Apple devices isn’t that much of a big deal because tablets and phones would eventually take those current shapes but seriously they’ve copied everything down to the packaging and wire connections.

Finally there’s the Dyson (the company that makes vacuums) controversy and new lawsuit. Samsung is being sued by Dyson for copying its inventions around their vacuum cleaners (they make those too).

Samsung has many patent lawyers so I find it hard not to believe that this is a deliberate or utterly reckless infringement of our patent. We have been forced to issue proceedings in the English High Court, but I would much rather invest in research to develop new technology than have to sue.

Sir James Dyson

So we have a few instances where Samsung is being sued for copying other companies and there are more examples of the lengths Samsung goes to to mimic their competition in the market, the companies that have gone through the exhaustive process of research and development leading into what actually can be considered innovation. And no the smartwatch with a built in camera is not an innovative product, how many consumers will purchase this? What issue is this smartwatch solving for the regular consumer? There’s a reason they’re working on a second version that will be released no less than six months after the first version of the watch goes on sale, curious of what exactly that reason could be.

So what are we left with? Well not long after Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and introduced a 64bit A7 chip, Samsung came out and in gave an absolutely pathetic “me too” statement;

Not in the shortest time, but yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality

Samsung co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun

Here’s where you run into the problem of being a company that has a limited identity, Apple builds the chips, software, and hardware; I would place a bet that the marketing of the iPhone 5S won’t mention anything about a 64bit processor, but the speed and responsiveness of the phone. They know what parts of iOS will access specific cores within the A7 and M7 chips. They’ve developed this software to maximize the processing power…oh it’s backwards compatible with 32bit so existing apps won’t face any issue. It’s not that simple to develop a 64bit Android phone when you don’t control the software and resort to building layers of features over the core OS. How will apps built for current 32bit Android phones work on the new 64bit Galaxy phones if such chips won’t be backward compatible? How will this help developers? What exactly will the 64bit chip serve?

If you look at the laundry list of foundational groundwork Apple has been placing in iOS 7, A7, M7, iBeacons, Touch ID, Passbook and a slew of other services, there’s a reason behind placing 64bit processing chips in their mobile devices, it’s not to simply increase RAM and it doesn’t automatically double speed (obviously Apple doubled the speed another way), its to deliver an experience that no one has been able to match. Apple has an identity, Samsung can’t find there’s…but we’re certain to see a finger print scanner in the new Galaxy model phones come 2014…go figure.