It Wouldn’t Be A Bad Idea

by Da'Von B.

Imagine the image below becoming a reality from Nintendo selling the original Super Mario Trilogy with a price of $9.99 to $14.99 each or bundled for $29.99.

Thrown Together

If you have over 500 million iOS devices out there in consumers hands there’s no reason to believe that you couldn’t sell such a bundle to at least 25% of them. While at the same time developing and keeping new IP associated with your own mobile devices and home consoles. Nintendo is a true integrated company focused on hardware and software. The control scheme wouldn’t be as complicated as many have suggested as all one would have to do is look at the classic NES controller and lay that on the screen of an iPhone and/or iPad.

At the moment the press is focused on Sony, Microsoft, and Apple in the home console space, then Apple and everyone else in the mobile space, for games there’s little to no positive press for Nintendo likely because they’ve fallen essentially fallen behind in offering content that game players want. Why not get your name out there utilizing one of your competitors platforms? It’s not as crazy as an idea as it may sound and this likely won’t happen until Nintendo continues to fall down the scale of relevance. In doing so the individuals yearning for the nostalgia of Nintendo will be the ones downloading such bundles or individual games from the company, not the current youthful market Nintendo has been trying to figure out how to court.

There’s a lot of arguing that Nintendo should remain who they are as it’s helped them in the past and I agree to a certain extent, that the company should remain who they are but also establish a new direction in delivering content. The field of technology and gaming is NOT what it used to be, it’s advanced substantially and moves at a pace that has obviously affected Nintendo in multiple ways.

In the end getting your name back out there producing an awareness of what you’ve been known for which is creating games that are simply fun and engaging, developing a few classic games for iOS with the ability to showcase current hardware and content within the game or app wouldn’t be a bad idea.