Galaxy Gear & Confusion

by Da'Von B.

What happens when rumors are spread from news outlets that Apple is working on a smart watch (that likely won’t be anything near a watch) with not a single word of confirmation from Apple? Competitors begin to spread their own PR pieces about their ambitions for “wearable” computing and frantically order their teams to get to work with the idea of releasing their product before Apple. And that’s precisely what Samsung has done, the poorly designed and received device shows what happens when you rush a “me-too” product.



Reviews peg this as a poor product that looks nice, and one thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that this “smart watch” has a camera in the band, why exactly would a regular consumer want a camera on the side of their watch is something Samsung likely won’t be able to answer logically. It can only be used with Samsung products (which makes sense), and is clearly overpriced. But for those wishing it would be more polished all you have to do is wait until Apple unveils their own wearable device, rest assured Samsung will come along with their copycat product not long after it’s release, it’s what they’re good at.