SDK For Apple TV

by Da'Von B.

To be quite honest, I don’t think we’ll see that until WWDC 2014, considering what we’ve seen with iOS 7 and what’s currently known in terms of many engineers being pulled off of certain assignments to finish iOS. If this OS is still being worked on, and OS X Mavericks is being completed to be released around the same timeframe one can only assume that the SDK for the Apple TV won’t come along for some time, likely some time in 2014.

I think people (developers) should be fine with this, focus resources and development on iOS 7 it’s new aesthetically and there are a broad range of new API’s to play with. Once developers have been given some time to get used to what’s available in the OS (a year from now) and Apple begins to transition their mobile devices over to the new operating system then we’ll likely see an SDK for the Apple TV next Spring/Summer.

This could all be wrong and Apple may just release something this Fall for the Apple TV one may never know, but the above is all based on logic, and I tend to consider Apple is calculative and logical in their approach to various systems and services…time will tell how all of this pans out.