New iPod Touch + Apple TV = Something Interesting

by Da'Von B.

Hypothetical…just so you’re warned below is all hypothetical considering what was announced, what was released, and what may come in the future.

Not too long ago Apple released a new 16GB iPod Touch with no rear facing camera that made the blogosphere scratch their heads in unison. Why in the world would they release this?



It’s $70 cheaper than the 32GB device with a rear facing camera so that may be a positive, but it still didn’t make sense…until WWDC and a screen capture below;

apple_ios_7_mfi_game_controllers_wwdc-2-580x379It may not seem as major at the moment, but continue reading to see where I’m going with this. So iOS 7 will support MFi game controllers for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and *iPod Touch). There have been rumors of some companies already in development of authorized devices to be sold in Apple stores. Including this blurry pic of a Logitech iOS game controller;

k-bigpicThere will likely be many third party manufacturers developing game controllers for iOS devices, but all it takes is for a company to come along and design something that is in sync with Apple’s design language where you basically have a 16GB handheld gaming system with you wherever you go that just so happens to have access to music, movies, and TV shows as an added bonus.

And there’s your handheld gaming device from Apple which leaves open the $99 Apple TV, now if Apple releases an SDK for the Apple TV (obviously may not happen until WWDC 2014 if it happens at all) you have your iPod Touch with said game controller able to play games connected to your Apple TV. In the meantime, how about playing your iPod Touch games streamed through Airplay to the Apple TV for a more…traditional style of play?

And that is what makes this potentially interesting, if these are the building blocks that Apple is subtly releasing piece by piece for developers and device makers to add up then I’m all for it. They’re providing the tools and puzzle pieces it’s just a matter of building the software and putting it all together. Though it’s very possible this isn’t the case at all, remember this is all hypothetical, but it makes one wonder if this is the overall goal as an added function for an iOS device and Apple TV. It’s probably time we get working on what can be done to essentially test out this hypothesis, the conclusion could be intriguing.