Pundits Should Calm Down

by Da'Von B.

It has begun…by it I’m referring to the ongoing news reports of wires and logic boards that many are assuming are related to the next iPhone what’s currently being labeled as the iPhone 5S. Everything you read below is hypothetical suggestions of why the phone could be called the 5S are based on just a trinket of logic and historical precedence.

The most recent report suggests that a new faceplate released is for the new iPhone 5S and it will look the same as the iPhone 5. And theres a lot of what seems to be disappointment around this potential revelation. The question here is “what exactly did you expect?” So what if it looks like the iPhone 5?

Lets just take a trip down the proverbial memory lane in 2009 Apple released the iPhone 3GS where that “S” was representative of speed. Two years later Apple released the iPhone 4S where the “S” logically stood for “Siri” since that’s the year the new service/feature was introduced specifically for the iPhone 4S.

So deductive reasoning would suggest that if Apple continues down this road then the new iPhone will likely be called the iPhone 5S with the “S” potentially meaning “Security”. I come to this hypothesis mainly due to Apple’s purchase of Authentec in June of last year, a biometric security firm. It’s this purchase that makes me believe we’ll see new biometric security features in the iPhone 5S.

Once again this is all hypothetical, with the overhaul done to iOS that took place in a mere seven months its very possible that we won’t see any true design changes until sometime in 2014 when Jony Ive now SVP of Design (thats hardware and software) and Craig Federighi SVP of Software Engineering lead their teams to design and engineer a mobile phone that truly encompasses their ideal of form and function.

Until then pundits and “journalists” should really chill out. The iPhone 5S will sell in substantial numbers and its possible that the lower tiered iPhone could make its debut. Instead of basing articles on the look of a phone based on random parts possibly coming from anywhere maybe MAYBE we should wait for an Apple announcement to commence and show the world what they’ve been working on…just a thought.