Where Does Nintendo Go?

by Da'Von B.

Could pride be Nintendo’s downfall? Or is Nintendo secretly in their lab working on the next home console as they see the horrific sales nature of the current Wii U? There’s really no telling, to be clear Nintendo has plenty of money in the bank they’re not struggling organizationally (in terms of cash in hand), but they are struggling in the current consumer atmosphere that has had nothing but a whiff of any news related to the Wii U.

Yes they’ve announced Mario Kart 8;

Super Mario 3D World;

And the introduction of Super Smash and the remake to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker; basically there’s a few sequels to classic titles and a remake of a game that came out eleven years ago for their older home console the Nintendo Gamecube, this is basically just a high definition version of the same game.

Basically Nintendo had very little to show with the little presence they had at E3, add in that from the editor of GameInformer, Nintendo producers pleaded to be given a positive press. Why would Nintendo ask for this exactly? Yes many have made the suggestion that Nintendo go and produce games for mobile devices namely the iPhone and iPad, and yes sales for these titles on these devices would be absolutely insane, besides kids are playing games on their parents iPhones and iPads on a regular basis all over the place over the Nintendo 3DS, but they’re a prideful company.

One would hate to call for the demise of the company or predict such utter failure is bound to happen, but in context when looking at the options come this holiday season the options available will be between Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s Playstation 4, and Nintendo’s Wii U which will have been out for a year. Majority of consumers will likely choose the options from Microsoft and Sony (likely leaning in Sony’s favor considering its price and lesser draconian nature).

Could Nintendo conceivably come out with a brand new system trying to omit the flaws of the Wii U? It’s doubtful that would happen this early in the game. Maybe a price cut? It’s highly likely, the effectiveness of a price cut could potentially increase sales but it’s possible it would be a very minor increase. Not to mention that moment when Google decides to get in the game with their own proper TV solution (their efforts have been embarrassing so far), or when Apple throws down an SDK for the Apple TV, or when Amazon presents whatever it is they have cooked up.

With everything going on and the potential for these other companies to literally push Nintendo aside, the question on everyone’s mind that maybe they won’t be able to answer confidently is, where does Nintendo go?