Thoughts On Microsoft

by Da'Von B.

Over the past few weeks, months, maybe years, it’s become clear there are some problems (in the consumers eyes) with Microsoft. It’s obvious to many, Microsoft want’s to be Apple, but the problem is they can’t be Apple they’re not as good as Apple at a lot of things, Microsoft wants to be Google, the problem is they can’t be Google they’re not as good as Google at a lot of things. At this point Microsoft can’t even be a version of itself because they’ve tried to take on a direction or identity of other companies and fail at it in less than honorable fashion.

With the success of the Xbox 360 the company has become in a word pompous the video below explains it in less than a minute;

So if you don’t have easy access to an internet connection in many cases those on military bases around the world then get an Xbox 360…simple. This is the attitude of a company that’s resting on it’s laurels, they’ve had the taste of success and are blatantly showing consumers how irrelevant and unimportant they are, “if you don’t have access to this then buy the lesser product that we won’t be supporting all that much longer”.

To Microsoft they’re seeing themselves as moving ahead of curve setting themselves up for the future, as digital downloads become more common-place, but the internet infrastructure is not set up to take advantage of such an ability. The reason actually the main digital downloads are so substantial on mobile phones is because they’re mobile phones always connected always with a signal, for some odd reason Microsoft figures that people playing their games on home consoles are always connected to the internet always online, or at least once throughout the day, when in reality that’s not the case.

With all that said it makes one wonder how confident is Microsoft really? When you consider that they had Xbox One games running on Windows 7 PC hardware instead of the Xbox One hardware these stuttering, freezing, clamming demos weren’t running on the latest Windows 8 which is what the Xbox One is based on. The twists become more complex with Peter Moore suggesting that the Xbox One games were running on PC’s with Xbox One specs…only they weren’t which can be seen and explained here. More embarrassing for Microsoft? Sony came out and stated all PS4 titles were running on actual PS4 development kits…another one-up for Sony.

Then you have the teaming up with Best Buy to create Microsoft stores within Best Buy who is struggling themselves with regard to simply being a consumer testing ground where you walk in test products, leave and order online from Amazon or directly from said company. This tactic may be shortsighted it may work off in the long run, but it’s questionable to say the least.

Overall thoughts on Microsoft…this is a confused company going through an interesting identity crisis unable to communicate effectively to it’s consumers, whatever’s left of them.