Sony Wins

by Da'Von B.

Microsoft did an absolutely excellent job at pissing off a large base of their gamers, a base that preferred Xbox over the Playstation, a base that has proclaimed come this Holiday season they will be purchasing a Playstation 4 over the Xbox One. It goes without saying if you’re going to succeed at something maybe you should try to succeed at pleasing gamers and not your Triple A publishers but hey, Microsoft has already committed to this draconian ideology and even if they backtrack they’ll still be mocked and laughed at and rightly so.

Many have said countless times before heading into the Sony press conference “if Sony doesn’t go down this path of Microsoft they’ll win the Next-Gen of gaming”…well…

Yes Sony just trolled Microsoft in the most hilarious way, and why not? When you alienate gamers (it may be a surprise but a lot of Xbox 360 owners that received these systems as gifts don’t have immediate access to the internet) and the cost of your system is basically out of the reach of many…well…you’ll get stomped on by your competition if they offer something just as good and in many ways better than what you’re able to offer.

Here’s a breakdown between the two;


  • $499
  • Available sometime in November
  • No backwards compatibility with Xbox 360
  • Must check-in to the internet once every 24 hours
  • Control over used games lies with publishers not owners of the games
  • Must check-in to the internet every hour if playing game signed in to a friends Xbox One
  • Independent developers can’t self publish titles
  • 0,1462,sz=1&i=325334,00$399
  • Available Holiday 2013 (November/December)
  • Backwards compatible with PS3
  • No internet check-in required (play offline without issues)
  • Control over used games lies with customers (the people that bought the games)
  • Buy, Sale, Trade, and Play used games anywhere without restrictions
  • Indie developers can self-publish game titles

It’s not difficult to see who has the better offering, considering that both systems are equal in terms of their respective CPU/GPU power and design, both are offering exclusive content, but the differences lie in the corporate strategy. Microsoft has a strategy that benefits their corporate partners, Sony has a strategy that benefits their customers. It’s not pre-mature to crown a champion, both companies have significant marketing dollars so that excuse of “marketing may sway customers” doesn’t hold up too well. The offerings, cost, and benefits have all been outlined, they’ve played their respective hands.

Sony Wins