by Da'Von B.

Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop wrote a piece about Apple’s confidence, it’s a piece worth reading because I couldn’t agree more, Apple’s confidence was on display in a major way. OS X Sea Lion (Mavericks), iOS 7, updated MacBook Airs, and a teaser of a gorgeous looking beast of a desktop PC the new Mac Pro…Apple came out of the shadows after being beaten up by the media, constantly starving for eyes to their websites, wall-street’s unreasonable expectations and idiocy, and numerous court battles.

Before I go into any additional detail let’s get some of the ridiculous reactions out of the way, on twitter I’ve found comments such as “iOS 7 looks Samsungy” samsunf-galaxy-s4-homeonly it doesn’t, “iOS 7 looks nice but it should’ve looked like this a long time ago” aside from the blatant ignorance of this tweet a few things are ignored where it’s clear this was sent out without any thought, Scott Forstall was in charge of the UI and a majority of iOS, Forstall (who obviously was not heading into this type of design language) was not an easy individual to work with as it’s been widely reported, AND he resigned in October of 2012 if my arithmetic is correct was close to eight months ago. So the question is how exactly do you expect for someone who was just placed in charge of overall design both hardware and software to suddenly say we can get this out with no problem in a few months? Ridiculous.

Now that that’s out of the way…the one thing companies should fear is Apple’s confidence, mocking, poking, and prodding at a giant that you think is sleeping when they’re actually plotting, tinkering, and focused on delivering hardware and software that will undoubtedly catch many off guard is a dangerous thing to do, and that’s exactly what many have done, constantly playing catch-up tripping over themselves along the way. Jony Ive and Craig Federighi have worked together with their teams and delivered a beautiful OS, not everyone will like it and that’s expected but give them the benefit of the doubt when they did all of this in the span of seven months. As John Gruber stated this is the answer to whether Ive can lead a software design team. Apple has a new sense of confidence within themselves this could be seen throughout the WWDC keynote, the Apple leadership team were having a genuine amount of fun on stage, and that was truly a great thing to see. I’m certain that this is only the beginning of promising and innovative things to come from the company.

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