Your iOS 7 & OS X Wishlist Won’t Come True

by Da'Von B.


On the eve of Apple’s WWDC event there have been countless write-ups with “wish-lists” from multiple tech sites about what they would like or “wish” to see in the update to iOS 7 and the new flavor of OS X, there’s a strong chance that 95% of these wishes simply won’t come true.

This happens year after year, someone provides a detailed listing of what iOS or OS X needs to be able to stay in the game with the other software vendors otherwise they’ll “quit or leave to another OS” because their threat is enough to make people making these software and engineering decisions squirm in their seats with the fear of them leaving (emphasis on the sarcasm).

When the new OS is released there’s disappointment in the fact that none of their wishes were granted…hard to understand what made them think their wishes were going to come true in the first place. Going into WWDC expectations should be tame or left at the door, it’s understandable to mention what you’d like to see, but the moment you begin to believe that your wishes may actually be based on fact because of an overwhelming desire to have what you want, you’ve crossed the line with regard to being logical.

Hopefully the boundless and substantially inflated bubble of hope has been deflated or simply popped, the wish list was a nice read but in the end pointless, let’s simply hope Apple presents better tools for developers, new features for both OS’s for the end-users, and maybe a few surprises. Understand the company’s history (some tend to ignore that completely), understand the company is filled with smart people who are aware of what’s needed and in what direction they need to go, it shouldn’t be hard to believe they know what they’re doing. No the visionary leader and founder is no longer there, but a large part of the team he’s assembled and his predecessor are more than capable of doing what’s needed.

The people he describes I believe are the people at Apple that have been working countless nights to get out services  that are more than a simple design improvement, they may not grant all of the wishes that have been written about, maybe they’ll grant wishes we didn’t know we had, but we’ll all find out what that will be come tomorrow.

In the end all expectations need to be kept in check. Besides…Gruber himself made the statement that he was informed “all the leaks are wrong”, with Tim Cook stating that he intends to “double-down” on secrecy a year ago…well…no one knows anything really and that’s what we should be excited about.