Microsoft’s Ongoing Failure

by Da'Von B.

This isn’t about the ongoing failures of Windows 8 RT, PC, Phone, or their falsifying comparisons to the iPad only to redact said information and prepare a laughable commercial that continues to misconstrue their message…no…this is about their new and upcoming Windows Media Center PC 8.1 or what the company is calling Xbox One. When it was first announced there were many questions that were raised that the company has backtracked from and stated that more information will come in the future…well…they’ve delivered this information and anyone who is a gamer may read this and become substantially pissed off…and it would be warranted I guess.

After reading through the list I myself was convinced that if Sony doesn’t fall down this path with the PS4 that’s exactly what I’ll be purchasing (as much as I LOVE the Halo universe a dedicated TV show from Spielberg himself will not convince me to purchase this Orwellian Windows Media Center PC system).

To get a gist of what Microsoft plans with the Xbox One here are the bullet points below;

  • The Xbox One must “check-in” through the internet once every 24 hours or you won’t be able to play games
  • It’s up to publishers whether you’re able to sell your games or not or “gift” them to friends (don’t expect this with major franchises like Call of Duty or Gears of War…or even Halo)
  • You can play games for up to 1 hour if you’re using another console logging into your profile then you must re-establish an internet connection

Pointless to continue down this laugh-fest but it seems that Microsoft is determined to let their rivals make a leap past this draconian methodology. IF Sony doesn’t mirror this with their PS4 they will have won the next-generation war against the inept Microsoft, not much is known at this moment what Sony’s requirements are, but if they don’t go down this path they will undoubtedly win, and Nintendo even with the lackluster sales of their last generation Wii U could potentially capitalize on the what can only be described as ongoing failures by the company from Redmond. You can read more of what Microsoft and publishers will allow you to do with a system you spend what will likely be more than $400 for, and games likely exceeding $60 per copy here and additional information can be found here.

To make things more interesting according to TechnoBuffalo, Microsoft is not taking requests for appointments at E3, and apparently canceled or canceling appointments that were already arranged for E3, wonder what could make them do such a thing?