HTC One and the harsh reality of the Android ecosystem

by Da'Von B.

Great read


A few days ago when hanging out with a friend, I got a chance to play around with HTC One, the newest and shiniest Android(s goog) phone on the market (of course until it wasn’t when Sony(s sne) launched its Xperia Z.) I was quite impressed by the build quality, the industrial design and the beauty of the device. Despite its supersize — I have normal people’s hands — it did feel like something I would want to buy, especially if I was picking amongst the ever increasing array of Android smartphones.

Maybe, I thought to myself, HTC was going to make a comeback. I mean, these were the guys who jumpstarted the Android smartphone ecosystem in partnership with Google and T-Mobile USA(s tmus). These were the guys who innovated fast and even came up with their own skin for Android. They pushed the design and speed envelope. They…

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