Google CEO Larry Page: Do as I say, not as I do

by Da'Von B.

This company somehow convinced a few people they were the Patron Saint of Harmony or something. Google is not Mother Teresa, and at this moment comparing them to another company is pointless…it’s best to stay on topic. If you preach harmony and working together yet you send a cease and desist letter to a competitor for building an application that’s based on some “open” framework because it cuts out your bread and butter, going forward everything you say is BS.


Following Larry Page’s impromptu speech and Q&A session at Google I/O (s goog), long time Apple (s aapl) observer/writer John Gruber wrote a post entitled Google Versus, wherein he questioned Page’s feel-good commentary. Dave Winer also pointed out this double talk. Here are three comments by Page that got Dave and John riled up:


Let’s be positive

Every story I read about Google is us versus some other company or some stupid thing. Being negative is not how we make progress. The most important things are not zero sum.

Except Microsoft is not playing ball

The Web is not advancing as fast as it should be. Certainly, we struggle with companies like Microsoft. We would like to see more open standards and more people involved in those ecosystems. I wouldn’t grade the industry well with where we have gotten to.

And that other Larry is just greedy

We’ve had a…

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