The Name Game

by Da'Von B.

There’s a substantially strong chance the 2013 model iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S but there’s also a chance that it won’t and Apple may follow the naming schemes that they have for their other products.

The MacBook Air isn’t called MacBook Air 6 obviously these are two different products its the naming scheme that is tedious to complain about to some not so much for others. Just thinking out loud (online) if Apple does indeed release a series of new iPhone models following the structure of the iPad or MacBook we may see an iPhone Mini (3.5″ retina screen), iPhone (4″ retina screen), and possibly (probably not but hey you never know) an iPhone Pro (4.94″ retina screen).

These names are purely on the basis of rumors throughout the web in no way is it being suggested or as many pundits do yell out a battle cry of what Apple “must do to survive”…this is purely hypothetical…but adding a new naming scheme similar to what was done with the iPad could simplify the customer selection and understanding upon walking into a store for an iPhone (novice, basic, or pro?) would or could be the overall response, it wouldn’t be a perceived as a bad idea.