iTV, iRing, & Analyst Notes

by Da'Von B.

apple-tv-living-roomWon’t go too much into this bizarre story apparently there’s yet another “Analyst” note (red flag 1!) from Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White that is stating based on his meetings with a tech supply chain company (no name just a generic tech supply chain company? red flag 2!) the iTV that will be controlled by a revolutionary iRing along with a “smaller TV mini screen” (or barebones iPad?) as a second screen experience and will be out by the end of this year (another release timeframe? red flag 3!)…can’t help but feel this sounds familiar.

This is ridiculous…plain and simple there are three red flags, usually this is when analyst notes like this simply shouldn’t be reported on or given too much attention. I’d love to see an Apple branded television, what’s missed is that Apple is a company that brings change to industries wearing a ring to control a television isn’t the change Apple would bring, it’s the content and how the content is accessed is what will make the television stand apart, many analysts have been ignoring this simple truth and logic. But to read more about this device or just for kicks and giggles head here.