April 3, 2010

by Da'Von B.

The date above is when the iPad was released, and the response was essentially a unanimous disappointment, many of the naysayers have some hilarious predictions as to what would happen to Apple because of releasing what was to them a horrible product;

5 Reasons Why Apple’s iPad Tablet Will Fail
1. It won’t fit in your pocket.
2. It’s too expensive.
3. It won’t replace the laptop.
4. You only get access to a watered-down Internet.
5. No one really needs an iPad.

Daniel Nations, About.com Guide, 26 January 2010

There are MANY other assumptions that have been made during its initial launch and some continue though it’s tapered off a bit, all of which can be read in glorious detail here, and after 3 years and over 100 million iPads actually sold to customers (not shipped to stores or carriers but sold to…you know…people), it would appear that the countless number of naysayers look blatantly foolish.

Problem is they either take pride in looking absurdly wrong or simply don’t accept their “misjudgment?” but the foolishness continues and you can guarantee this will continue with the impending release of Apple’s next new product(s)…because according to many pundits and “Analysts” (the title is such a loose term), Apple will essentially and forever be on their death bed…regardless of record sales numbers which to them are apparently irrelevant, though I’m curious…how’s the PC industry doing?