by Da'Von B.

To say this is interesting is a complete understatement, especially how this could affect other Google services in the long run.


Let’s say we build a phone, theoretically. We’re not! But if we did, we could get maybe 10 million people to use it. 20 million. That doesn’t move the needle for us.

Mark Zuckerberg, Disrupt SF 2012

With today’s leaks, it’s looking like Zuck was being almost completely honest.

Facebook isn’t building a Facebook Phone. They’re letting HTC do it for them.

But that’s seemingly not the end goal, here. Don’t worry too much about the Facebook Phone, as in whatever hardware might get announced at the event on Thursday. It is, at best, a test bed. Facebook doesn’t want an Android phone. They want all of the Android phones, including the ones already out there. And they can get a whole bunch of ’em, too.

You see, today’s leak signals something rather crucial to Facebook’s Android strategy. Contrary to a thousand reports leading up to Thursday’s announcement…

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