A Game of Follow the Leader?

by Da'Von B.

Follow the Leader PhotoIs Apple making an iWatch? The only company that can answer that question is Apple…no-one else, though there are those that have solid and comprehensive track records that have suggested Apple is working on some type of wearable device (is it specifically a watch? I’d personally say no) we won’t find out until Apple is ready to show it and there’s a strong chance it won’t be called an “iWatch”.

So far news has spread that Samsung is working on a smartwatch and has been for a long time claims the CEO, saying they’ve been “preparing it for so long”…sure (because copying or following the lead of another company isn’t something they’d ever do) there’s no follow up as to why they’re all of a sudden focused on this area though the timing is obvious interesting.

Then you have rumors of Google’s Android team also working on a smartwatch, even though it’d make more sense that such a device come from the same area that created Google Glass throwing a watch together running Android may not be that complex of an issue or maybe there are other issues that were at play no one knows about.

There are also rumors of LG making a smartwatch, HTC could be too, along with Sony…wouldn’t be surprised if Thorston Heins says Blackberry is also coming out with smartwatch (running Android apps?) this is where we’ve come. Instead of these companies (Google aside…to an extent) looking forward and creating devices themselves in terms of where they see the industry (or other industries) going, the theme that’s evident is playing a sad game of follow the leader.

Obviously most of these companies will likely release their devices before Apple a’la 2010 and what we saw during the lead up to the iPad and we see how that all shaped out. Or maybe Apple is doing a complete head fake as suggested by Om Malik (that would definitely be amusing) and plan to shock us with something none of us have theoretically conceived. At the moment it’s all a guessing game as it always has been and clearly always will be, one things for certain, glad we’re not talking about an Apple television set.