The Sony Event – Abridged

by Da'Von B.

Sony held an event on Wednesday in New York for about two hours about a videogame system that would be available this Holiday season with no price, no specific release date, and no pictures of the actual console that they had the event for (because it’s just gonna sit near the tv so who cares right?…right?), basically this was confusing.

Even more confusing some of the stuff shown was shown at E3…last year (not to say the games didn’t look good they looked great…as great as they looked when most were shown last year) oh…and the sculpting, the sculpting was very confusing, it’s possible Sony figured gamers may want to simply start sculpting stuff digitally.

Apparently it seems Sony wanted people to say “hey did you see the PS4 controller?” or random tech sites who have no idea of what to say and no clue about gaming to come up with headlines “Sony gets the jump on Microsoft” which if you think about it, they really didn’t get the jump on anyone based on the stuff they were talking about. Yet the services they’ve mentioned are essentially “aspirational” Sony isn’t quite sure what will work on day one….what? Below is how the event went down in a nutshell.