Software – Services – 2013

by Da'Von B.

It doesn’t seem to be about hardware anymore even though wearable computing could be an interesting shift going forward the tablet and mobile phone space feel like they may have hit the peak. This has been mentioned here at Today In Tech before so going into a drawn out explanation of this won’t be necessary. Looking at the mobile landscape with regards to hardware, yes NEC and Wireless charging will grow but is that something to truly get excited about? Multiple Android phones have NEC built-in the adoption simply hasn’t been spread far and wide just yet, other phones have wireless charging…great…fantastic, but once again these aren’t new technologies taking the world by storm.

Google without a doubt one of the best services companies around won’t have a hard time offering great software and service products going forward, and this is obviously something to look forward to with Apple as well. Flexible or foldable phones simply don’t matter at the moment, it’s a hardware trick that isn’t near mass market production as there are many technical anomalies to get around regardless of what may have wowed everyone at the vaporware consumer electronics conference earlier this month.

Device makers will have to adopt to this strategy of software and services soon, Amazon will be in good shape, they’ve acquired a 3D mapmaker UpNext and their online marketplace is prepared for a potential kindle branded phone, but once again beating the drum constantly here, the software and the services are what will make this a success. Microsoft…well…they have everything in place but their execution over the last…few years…has been consistently lacking. Apple, Google, and Amazon seem prepared or are getting their chess pieces in order. Samsung is obviously doing great but when Google starts to release Google branded hardware with their Motorola purchase and offering said hardware at certain price points throwing in services that are exclusive…they may have to look elsewhere if they aren’t already.

Hardware will be a turning point 2013/2014, going forward and kicking things off strong in 2013 will be the focus of yes improved software and services.