Verizon – Math – Pundits – Logic

by Da'Von B.

Perspective –

Verizon activated 9.8 million smartphones Q4 of 2012; 6.2 million of those smartphones were iPhones, so using simple arithmetic, (6.2million/9.8million) 63.2% of smartphones activated on Verizon were iPhones. Verizon stated that “roughly half” were the iPhone 5 (estimated 3.1 million). And this is with a company that promotes the Droid brand heavily.

What’s disturbingly interesting is that pundits will look at this, stumble slightly, and for some unknown reason compose fact-less missives of what Apple should’ve done to sell more or that this is somehow (with no logical basis to support the theory) based on these numbers, the beginning of the end for Apple.

And finally, year over year growth for iPhone sales on Verizon alone is 47.6%. Pessimistic views of demise are unfounded, wonder how the numbers would look IF a low-cost iPhone in various colors were to be released this year.