The Ugly Side of Disruption

by Da'Von B.

Disrupting various businesses can be an exceptionally great thing, providing services to consumers at a more reasonable cost with a vast amount of choice and freedom of utilizing such content or services. However the other side of disruption is when someone loses their job not some executive who is already making the million dollar bonuses but the person who’s lively hood actually depends on the income they make from their job.

So it always sucks to hear when a company not realizing that their business is in danger of becoming non-existent will be cutting thousands of jobs, and that looks to be the case of DISH and Blockbuster. News has been released that DISH will close 300 Blockbuster sites in the U.S. resulting in 3,000 layoffs of a workforce of 7,400 essentially 40.5%. Definitely hope that those who will be affected are able to bounce back on their feet soon.