A La Carte Cable

by Da'Von B.

It’s a dream for many, pay for the channels you want, watch them where you want. But sadly this is something that won’t happen anytime soon unless an executive at a major entertainment company says “the hell with it” and rolls the dice. Here’s an example of one major problem, Comcast who offers services such as cable, telephone, and internet service owns NBC Universal. And truthfully when it comes to something like this, net neutrality is something of a wash.

When you have a company that provides certain services including their own Xfinity streaming app a service allowing you to watch content online through their portal without affecting a customer’s data cap, but would affect the customer if they were using a competitor (see Netflix) there’s one issue. There’s also fact that networks like NBC are under the ownership of Comcast so if they offer their own streaming service where a user’s data caps aren’t affected, but are in the event customers are watching a competitor ie Netflix or renting a film by downloading from iTunes there’s a lot wrong with that picture. This seems like a slap in the face to net neutrality but these companies have deep pockets for many lobbyists and could simply care less a perfect example is AT&T.

The state of the entertainment industry suggests that the euphoria of being able to select the channels you want and having that content you pay for with you whenever you want at the press of an app on a phone or tablet to tune in live is a whimsical wish that won’t come true any time soon. Consumers will have to continue to deal with the vast sea of apps, denied access to content, and the plethora of services that don’t work well together, the ongoing and expanding struggle of the fragmentation of services.

Maybe consumers could join the league of cable cutters that companies say aren’t much of a threat…that is until it’s too late of course. And maybe this is slowly changing with regard to mobile use, but a true a la carte cable watch wherever you are type of package isn’t on the horizon, sadly everything remains pitch black with some very small spots of light.