by Da'Von B.

There are pessimists of the company situated over in Cupertino, those that work on mastering the art of Schadenfreude, many may not understand how to pronounce this word let alone know it’s definition;


satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

this is smug in nature but that’s essentially how these people are smug. The truth is in agreement with Dan Pallotta and his piece from the Harvard Business Review, that a lot of these people truly are intellectually lazy. The armchair CEO’s who suggest that what the company needs to do is this, or build that, or innovate here, and in agreement with John Gruber, the company doesn’t need to change anything they’re doing just to satisfy those that speak in circles reaching no logical conclusion or analysis evading rational thought. People have an answer for something that no one was questioning.

Many of these individuals have very little insight, using the famous “people familiar with the matter” as their inside sources (truth is majority of these “analysts” read blogs and write up some lengthy rhetoric that makes absolutely no sense) these “people” that are apparently “familiar” are make-believe and to use the current me’me that’s circulating before it gets out of style, they’re essentially Te’o-ing (with relation to imaginary sources that can’t be named obviously).

This is the current state of tech news this has actually been the state for quite some time, for the armchair CEO’s or “analysts”; logic, common sense, rational thinking, or utilizing the final shred of intellectual thought has escaped, preparing pessimistic stories on companies especially the most valuable tech company with little to no basis or reasoning makes money the link-bait headlines equal additional eyes. Playing the role of Captain Obvious, there are many that in an illogical manner will disagree just to disagree.