by Da'Von B.

There’s a certain company experiencing a seriously bizarre downward spiral with regard to their stock price, yet they’re the most solvent and consistent tech company in the market. There are quite a few concerns with this, now this couldn’t be related to the executive departures or the maps hiccup, and demand for the iPhone 5 isn’t down contrary to what was initially suggested. So maybe it’s something else, seeing as how a string of stories suggesting so much have been released since the article from the WSJ. So what exactly is taking place? Well, there was an interesting Branch thread with people that know what they’re talking about when it comes to this company that’s worth reading and this video may offer somewhat of a better understanding of what may be going on…

And there’s also this eye opening article, not to say manipulation is the key word to describe all of this, but it’s probably best to see things using logic and a great deal of common sense, and using this can only point to something, I’d say this must read piece offers a solid conclusion or wrap up until next time. What many don’t seem to ask is, isn’t this interesting to be going on one week before the holiday earnings report?