Technology & 2013

by Da'Von B.

2013 will without a doubt be an interesting year for technology, mainly because mobile hardware feels like it may have hit its peak in 2012 or will do so late 2013 early 2014. Yes there will be the “retina” screens, NFC may finally catch on, the devices will become thinner with better cameras, and quad-core processors because…touting a quad-core processor in a phone is big in marketing these days, but some may suggest that we’ll see more innovation in mobile hardware…like Project Glass, but realistically the cost itself at this point in time appears to be out of consumer reach.

This is purely hypothetical but it seems that 2013 may be the year of software and services regardless of what may be shown at CES as majority of what’s shown are hypothetical prototypes or re-announcements of products that were announced at the last CES. From iOS and Android to potentially an unknown software start-up with groundbreaking mobile technology there’s also Windows 8 (it’s a little early but that’s not doing too well), and maybe RIM has a shot to make it back with Blackberry 10 (don’t hold your breathe, but hey you never know). More and more people are working on their mobile devices at an increasing rate and the services available have provided numerous ways where users can store information to read later, throw together a list of items to do, create notes on the fly, research information immediately, just to name a few.


Creating and improving upon software solutions for consumers and professionals that push the user further into future of device interaction and being able to share what they want, when they want, how they want will be watched closely by many. Social looks to be locked up for the moment with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and FourSquare, but one can never truly know what’s next. What service could developers and entrepreneurs create that consumers flock to in an instant? Programmers will have an interesting opportunity to somehow utilize the quad-core chips in upcoming mobile devices and NFC may finally skyrocket in consumer adoption but it’s the software that will make or break such hardware inclusions.

Let’s not forget that there’s new information related to software from Ford and GM that will allow some third-party apps. This may be reaching but imagine for a moment that while driving to one’s destination following along the GPS an app notices the gas level is pretty low and based on the distance of the trip there’s the estimation that fuel will be needed to successfully complete the trip so nearby gas stations pop up on the GPS allowing the driver to head to the nearest gas station fill up and continue along their trip. At the moment this may seem like a stretch now, because developers may not have access to deeper internal systems of the vehicle, but this could very well become a reality within the next few years (don’t be surprised if this occurs at the end of this year or beginning of next).

Overall with all of the hardware coming out, the year could shape up to be in the hands of developers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, thinkers, those that have and idea and find a way to follow through with it by working with whoever they can to bring potentially groundbreaking software and services to the consumer market.