In The Last 24 Hours…

by Da'Von B.

So there have been a lot of interesting stories that have occurred in the last 24 hours and here are a few:

  • From Fortune if Apple were to spin the iPad off into a separate business it would be the eleventh largest tech company in the country sliding into number 98 of the Fortune 100. Imagine what this could look like with the iPhone.
  • One of the most absurd trends in the technology regarding the television set (3D) during the last few years of CES has been declared “dead”…this can be considered a great thing and a great day.
  • Apparently Qualcomm threw together one of the most bizarre, absurd, and ostentatious keynotes in the history of companies throwing bizarre, absurd, and ostentatious keynotes.
  • Facebook has something major to announce next week, maybe.
  • Intel may have been caught in a little fib regarding their “low-power” chips that aren’t really low powered.
  • Proof that a majority of analysts should clean their crystal ball, or fix their magic eight-ball.

And yesterday was the first official day of CES…one can only imagine what other craziness we’ll be presented with in the world of tech.