Also Known As – Random

by Da'Von B.

Yesterday morning the Wall Street Journal released an appetizer of an article regarding Apple testing designs of a prototype television set. Suddenly the interwebs went bonkers articles playing the role of the infamous Armchair CEO detailing what Apple needs to do with the television set that’s currently based on rumor, the sizes that may or may not be available and highlighting the content negotiations that may or may not be going well…because you know…it’s fun to pull stuff out of the air apparently.

Here’s what we know about the Apple Television; nothing, not to say this rumor may not have some heft behind it, WSJ has a track record of releasing random tidbits here and there about Apple where the little nibble of news is actually leaked by Apple, so it’s very possible this may be true. So far the best write-up of what’s been said (title aside) about the new mythical device is over at Mashable, and it’s something to definitely read through, tantalizing. But as usual we have to wait and wait we will because no such device will come out until Apple feels they’re ready to release something that’s substantially easy to use for consumers.

Overall this news is what’s also known as “random“, aside from the fact that one aimless analyst has been preaching the existence of an Apple branded television and it’s scheduled arrival date 2011, 2012, now 2013, the news does come at a very random moment and many will speculate and wonder as to why this is the case why announce this now? Why a miniature piece of news about something significant? Well without any additional information from anyone with this news all everyone will do is wonder about this random occasion that could flip several industries upside down.