The Escape Part I: Concept To Product

by Da'Von B.

The concept: Make an engaging iOS game with a very small budget that can be played in the 156 countries where iOS devices are available.

The challenge: With no coding experience who can design and build the game on a severely modest budget?

Initially the idea was to create a simple game titled “Paper Pilot” where players would control a paper plane through various obstacles scoring points and bonuses. The term “pivot” comes into play here basically this game has gone through several iterative changes leading to the final title of Stickman Jones In: The Escape…many have questioned “where did the name come from?” there’s no introspective answer…the name simply stuck.

The outline has faced so many iterations it’s conceivable to develop multiple games from those outlines alone…however that won’t be the case, at least for now. There was a substantial learning curve going into getting this iOS game made and to say that many lessons were learned throughout the process would be an understatement for the ages. Making sure that every detail of the design is outlined so that the artists can put together what you though of and sketched out can come to fruition. Putting together specific details for the programmar to understand how the game is to be played, the tabulation of points scored, where the player will be taken to upon pressing of specific buttons. This sounds simple and it is to extent until one realizes all of the work and rework that goes into building such an application.


There are ongoing updates that will take place, there are moments where you see certain actions should be refined, certain obstacles should be increased in difficulty, there’s a look and feel where redesign is a necessity, the list goes on but the work will be done. It’s been a welcoming challenge and based on the reaction from many there’s a significant amount of enjoyment to be had while playing the game, if you’re reading this no and you own an iOS device, then I’d invite you to download the game and from the app store by clicking on this link. Going from concept to product hasn’t been easy but I have a feeling taking the product and developing a low cost international marketing plan will be interesting…to say the least.