by Da'Von B.

This isn’t any type of political discourse just so you’re aware. Instead of going on some sort of tirade about the growing issue in the tech community, I’ll link you to a great write-up here by Aaron Mahnke, who touches on many valid points where in retrospect it’s interesting how drastically things have changed over time from admiring the work and passion from so many individuals to the snickering at a seemingly lack of change without truly experiencing the product.

You see it in posts by 90% of tech sites out there, an ongoing bickering of rudimentary issues that they will go at extensive lengths to describe but will provide not one logical or reasonable solution to resolve the issue they seem to harp over. This piece within Aaron’s post sums everything up perfectly.

Here’s a great rule of thumb: until you create something yourself and then actually ship it, try to first find the positive in the products around you. Those products are the result of someone’s passion, hard work and innate genius. When we compare them to our own twisted, entitlement-driven expectations, we do nothing but insult their creators.

Aaron Mahnke

One can only hope this resonates with the seemingly absent-minded individuals behind the thoughtless dribble…one can only hope.