The Importance Of Logic

by Da'Von B.

And the hackles began literally right after the iPhone 5 was announced. The arguments are mainly on the phone “lacking” innovation, and with all of the words used in various articles from linkbait headquarters ForbesTech, developing linkbait central Fast Company, and a disappointing linkbait in training Mashable. The consensus is the lack of new features or a new look to the phone (apparently thinner and bigger don’t qualify), yet neither site with any article could say what they expected or wanted the phone to look like (not surprising).

Now there’s the innovation argument where once again no one stated what it was in new tech they were hoping for or expecting. One main gripe is NFC “because Google already supports it in Android”, let’s be clear because Android has something doesn’t mean Apple will follow suit that’s just not how they operate. Second no one will come out and explain who exactly is using the Google Wallet in their phone, Google has yet to report numbers on people using the NFC Google Wallet in their phone which is surprising because they love to boast about their numbers, then again they could have been too busy bullying a hardware partner who knows. And this isn’t to say NFC won’t be placed in the iPhone, there’s a reason (just using a little logic and understanding of how Apple works) why Apple bought AuthenTec not too long ago. They won’t shove a piece of hardware/software in a device just to say “look it’s there” that’s not their way of things. When the company can get the partnerships in place, include technology that won’t bulk up or hinder the phones design and the software is to the point where a regular consumer can use it with no problems or confusion that’s when NFC will be announced in the iPhone (lets say 2013/2014) and if the API’s for NFC are released that’s when start-ups can come out of the woodwork with fantastic new apps. It’s also becoming apparent that based on all of the chatter NFC won’t truly take off until Apple enters the market, one should file this under interesting.

Let’s keep in mind these are some of the same exact words used when the iPhone 4s was announced, then people bought millions, Apple broke their own records and a few records from some analysts, made a lot more money, the naysayers went into hiding, some backtracked, and some said it wasn’t that impressive (really?!). Now as usual Analysts have literally lost their minds (obviously becoming the norm) some suggesting 49 millions units in the holiday quarter, I’m guessing more like 40-43 million but that’s just me. At the end of the day the sales will be announced not shipments but actual sales numbers you know the devices that land in the hands of the consumer and not the shelves of the carrier or store, they’ll likely break records as usual and the rumor mill for the next iPhone will begin all over again in cyclical fashion. Though there’s one word that defines those that can’t seem to break away from their bias to other mobile OS’ and hope to highlight the downfall or stall of Apple;

“enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others”

– Schadenfreude

That’s what it truly and essentially comes down to, because logic is too complicated for many to actually use.