If The Rumors Are Wrong…

by Da'Von B.

Let’s first recap what’s going on; iMore.com (they’re worth linking to) has come out with a slew of rumors regarding upcoming Apple products from the overall design of the new iPhone, an iPad Mini, and most recently all iOS devices being shifted to the smaller 8-16 PIN connector.

2012 iPhone

If you’ve read everything currently online and believe it to be 100% true because the internet doesn’t lie then you may have seen what the new iPhone may actually look like hell here’s the picture you’ve probably seen. Now I won’t fall in line with everyone else, not because I don’t like the proposed design but just last October a site stated that the new design of the new iPhone would have a tear drop design, then companies flew to making cases for said device that didn’t come out instead what was released was the iPhone 4S. Now yes there are actual frames of the and shells making the rounds so maybe this is the real deal, or maybe this is a prototype design Apple played with and left out there to steer people away from what the actual phone may look like…who the hell knows but Apple but we’ll find out soon.

iPad Mini

Well, the new baby unicorn or iPad Mini has been talk since 2010 when the original iPad was released, now rumors are ramping up to the extreme with everyone making scientific calculations pertaining to the actual screen size, resolution, along with look and feel. Once again, Apple knows what Apple will do with regard to the iPad Mini. I will say that with Tim Cook’s related to a “pricing umbrella” it’s possible that this may very well be on the way. It would definitely be interesting, with the holiday shopping season approaching Apple’s sales would be insane on many levels, however I firmly believe that Apple will release an iPad Mini when they feel they can make a great user friendly device. So just like the iPhone…we’ll find out soon.

Now what will happen if the iPad Mini isn’t released during the iPhone announcement? Or if the new iPhone’s design is completely different from what’s going around online? Let’s just say hyperbole will own the interwebs, the headlines will specifically state the following;

  • The beginning of the end of Apple
  • Apple drops the ball by not releasing an iPad Mini
  • Sources suggest supple chain yields weren’t efficient for an iPad Mini
  • Steve Jobs wouldn’t have let this happen
  • They changed the design the day before the announcement (seriously someone will say this)
  • iPad Mini will be delayed because of something we’ve yet to make-up yet
  • OH MY GOD Apple’s Doomed!

You get the idea, following this Analysts who don’t have the slightest clue (not all just a majority) about evaluating tech companies or provide an actual analysis will increase the hyperbole, the stock will likely drop an estimated +/- 20% the company will be placed on it’s own deathbed by all media and news will continue in spurts about the downfall of Apple from Forbes, Bloomberg, NY Times, and everyone else capitalizing on the sensational story without providing any detailed context or facts. Then 2-3 months, record breaking iPhone sales (likely exceeding 40 million), and a 30% increase in stock price later the “doomsday” analysts, reporters, and bloggers will be absent from rhetoric as is the common routine.