Google Project Glass

by Da'Von B.

It looks awesome, something I’d definitely purchase and try out, but I’m not a regular consumer and there will be a small legion individuals similar to myself Developers, Technophobes, etc that will purchase Project Glass just to try them out, some faithfully and some to understand the purpose. And truthfully this was the highlight of Google I/O, all other announcements like Android Jellybean, the Nexus 7, and magazines on the Nexus 7 was nothing but them playing catch-up to Amazon and to some extent Apple and let’s be honest the Nexus Q is nothing but an overpriced joke no matter what other tech sites may have you believe.

Project Glass is something that has to be tried in the real world by regular consumers to get an idea of the benefits of the device. Again this isn’t a knock at all against the product because I myself am definitely looking forward to trying these out sometime next year. At the moment no-one has mentioned what the glasses can do or show outside of the videos similar to the one above. All in all, this is something to look forward to…well at the moment for tech geeks at least, then again there are those that are prominent in the tech industry that feel Project Glass looks utterly ridiculous.