A Message to OEMs

by Da'Von B.

Things don’t seem to be going so well for you, with Microsoft saying how much they love their partners then announcing a new tablet they built themselves because they feel you simply wouldn’t have been able to do a good enough job, not to mention the close ties they have with Nokia as it looks clear that Nokia is their go-to partner when building Windows Phone 8 devices (and more than likely tablets as well). And if Nokia continues to suffer as they have been don’t be too surprised if Microsoft actually acquires Nokia and fold them into the Microsoft tent (Danger ring a bell? or how about the Microsoft Kin?). It may seem laughable now but remember when everyone laughed at the rumor of Google buying Motorola, then the rumor turned out to be true?

Oh and about Google their announcements today were interesting to say the least, the new Android Jellybean OS that you more than likely won’t use until the Fall of this year in your new devices then update older ICS devices sometime next summer before the new OS is announced, similar to what has gone on over the past week…right that one. The Nexus 7 tablet looks very interesting partnering with ASUS to build a 7″ tablet to compete against the Kindle Fire (circa 2011) as well as the more than likely impending Kindle Fire 2 (wait what July 31, 2012? TBD) as well as the much discussed yet never seen 7″ iPad that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the face of the earth (hyperbole, apologies). Now when motorola transitions to Google do you really think they’ll continue to partner with you for Nexus branded devices? It’s clear the purchase simply wasn’t just for the patents. It all remains to be seen but do your best to hold in your shock if the future Nexus branded devices are top of the line from the Motorola division.

With everyone doing their own thing how could you all (Dell, HTC, Sony, actually the list is long) continue to make devices that consumers would actually want to purchase? And remember consumers aren’t highly impressed with tech specs or jargon they simply want the thing to work and work well. There’s always open-source WebOS...maybe not? It’s very possible RIM could license their new OS…then again let’s be realistic we’re talking about RIM who appear to be leaning on a broken crutch. To be honest there’s no clear cut answer here, you could continue to make devices using WP8 and Android while continuing to have ongoing quarterly losses, but that’s just not logical. All that can be said is “wish you the best of luck” because with ongoing patent wars (and losses on that end), partners praising you then building their own devices (Surface), purchasing your hardware manufacturing competition (see: above for Googlrola), and declining earnings luck is essentially all you may have to hope for…that or for the mayans to be right.