And So It Begins…

by Da'Von B.

The RIM layoffs have started, with all that’s been said about this company it’s unfortunate to see people lose their jobs because executives didn’t know what direction they were going. In the end the company was mismanaged it’s essentially as simple as that, and because of this the executives who mismanaged the company walked away with bonuses while 2,000 to 6,000 individuals will lose their jobs (they won’t receive million dollar bonuses).

It’s difficult to suggest that the blackberry maker can turn this around, they’re not Apple in the early 90’s, they’ve hired financial advisors to evaluate potential strategies (sale?), and continue to believe that with an installed base of 0 and a severely anemic developer community they can climb out of the ashes like a rising phoenix with Blackberry 10 and go gangbusters in the market competing against a new iPhone & iOS 6 (Fall 2012), Windows Phone 8 (Fall 2012), and Android Jellybean (Fragmentation issues aside more than likely Fall 2012). I guess time will tell, unfortunately RIM doesn’t have time on their side.