Lower Your WWDC Expectations ASAP

by Da'Von B.

So will iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion, New Macs, SDK for Apple TV be announced at WWDC? Basically because an analyst says something due to the infamous shadow people also known as “people familiar with the matter” there must be some truth to all of this right? Because when an analyst makes a comment that literally took very little thought tech sites immediately jump on it regergitating the same information but adding little nuggets of their own. Here’s the thing there are very few things anyone knows about what will or won’t be announced at WWDC 6.11.12, and this is actually a good thing.

The problem is people tend to believe rumors without realizing that what they’ve read is essentially a rumor, in case there’s an issue with understanding what a rumor is, the definition states:

1. a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts

2. gossip; hearsay

3. a continuous, confused noise; clamor; din.

– Dictionary.com

By essentially coming to the understanding of what a rumor actually is it’s clear that analysts will make a statement in general circulation without any confirmation (that can essentially only come from Apple) of what the facts may be, then due to the lack of any certainty regarding the information they mention there’s a loud chatter of gossip regarding mythical products in development from Apple, causing it to confuse readers into believing false stories.

By all means keep a hold of the fact that most of what’s been placed online about what Apple may or may not announce is all in all a simple guess, once again there only a handfull of people that would have a strong idea of what Apple has up their sleeve and that’s Gruber, Siegler, Dalrymple, and Mossberg. That’s essentially it, they’ve been consistent with their reports they have a track record that can’t be questioned, so by all means forget what most tech sites are saying, take 90% of what you may hear with a grain of salt, lower your expections and just wait until the announcements are actually made.