Google’s Anxiety Attack

by Da'Von B.

Not too many people will be able to explain why exactly Google decided to hold a press briefing on the future of maps. Two new features were announced, offline maps and 3D map imagery. There have been a laundry list of rumors regarding Apple’s WWDC event scheduled to begin Monday June 11, the main rumor surrounding Apple’s new mapping solution, that no one really knows about except for Apple.

This was bound to happen if anyone paid attention to what Apple was doing in acquiring mapping companies over the last few years along with various job postings surrounding maps. But for Google to hold a random press briefing days before WWDC as opposed to presenting new mapping features during Google I/O which is scheduled just weeks later, June 27-29, 2012 doesn’t make sense.

Basically Google showed a level of anxiety or lack of confidence something that you usually don’t see in the company by throwing together a press conference on new maps features weeks before their own major developer conference. If the question is asked knowing this information “Why do this weeks before I/O?” there’s strong doubt the company would’ve been able to give a straight forward or logical answer.