E3 2012: End Of A Generation

by Da'Von B.

The major players have made their announcements; Microsoft announced more partnerships for TV content, a few games (Halo 4 looks fantastic!), and Smart Glass an interesting idea that will be beneficial to Microsoft and a blessing to consumers/gamers. Sony showcased their upcoming library of new games (anxious for The Last Of Us), their “improved?” online service, and a few nuggets of PS Vita. And lastly Nintendo to a luke warm audience reaction went over original IP along with showcasing a few games that have been out for some time highlighting new gameplay (which seemed to be unnecessary but we’ll go over that later) for the Wii U, some new 3DS content, and their social aspects of the Wii U.

So how do you sum up E3 2012? The answer would have to be this is the end of a generation, aside from Nintendo though the Wii U seems to compete more-so against the PS3 and 360 in many respects. With Sony and Microsoft mainly highlighting new games and additional content it seems that this is in-fact the end of the current generation and there’s no doubt both companies are gearing up for 2013 keeping as much as possible close to the vest. Many of the games shown off at E3 were gorgeous and had interesting release dates mainly Summer, Fall, or Holiday 2013 other IP had absolutely no release date as they were still in development (namely Star Wars 1313 which looked absolutely gorgeous)

There are many rumors of what the new systems may or may not have usually need to be taken with a grain of salt, but the possibilities are substantially interesting. In the mean time, we await the cost and actual release date of the Nintendo Wii U along with what consumer interest may be, though it goes without saying this is the end of the generation and there’s great anticipation of what will be announced and seen from Sony & Microsoft at E3 2013.