This Week In Tech

by Da'Von B.

Well, it’s been an interesting one, from Windows confusing branding to the announcement and preview of Mountain Lion here are this week’s stories with links to their respective articles. Enjoy.

What’s with Microsoft’s rebranding effort? Why is it still called Windows? The new logo essentially reflects their new Metro interface, which is actually a clean UI however the logo seems tiresome but maybe it’ll take some time getting used to, the main question is if it’s windows everywhere (an interesting and questionable approach) why are you still calling it Windows? Windows Phone 8 is a bit much for a phone OS, why not move forward and establish a new brand? Maybe METRO.

OS X Mountain Lion: I must say this is a secret well kept, Gruber goes over the personal keynote he was given here, it’s a nice update something solid, many would suggest it’s a response to Microsoft (personally I disagree) the update is pleasing and I’m certain there’s a lot more to this once it’s released in the summer but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

The ongoing legal issues regarding MegaUpload: Additional charges have been filed, this isn’t too surprising in fact this may actually get more interesting, best to take a wait and see approach with this one.

Blackberry Playbook Update: Because you know everyone’s been anticipating it.

Yelp’s IPO: Crowdsourcing, community, peer reviews, Yelp has a promising future and based on continued investment in the platform their substantial rise will undoubtedly shock many.

Google’s tracking you in Mobile Safari: This isn’t surprising, not the slightest bit. What many people should be questioning is Why exactly was the code disabled after being contacted by the Wall Street Journal???

And that’s a wrap, I’d mention the rumors of the iPad Mini but I’ll get to that in a new post Monday, there’s something that everyone’s seems to be missing (Price + Another iOS product that currently exists and is actually selling well compared to other members within it’s family).