by Da'Von B.

If you care about tech, get the word out, more bull**** on the way.


Regressive, telco industry-influenced state legislators are at it again, trying to kill communities’ right to determine their own broadband futures. Anti-community broadband bills are rearing their ugly heads in several states.

The anti-SOPA/PIPA crusades have given the public the taste of using the Net to stem some pretty ugly tides (The Internet Strikes Back), it’s time to apply similar online tactics at the statehouse. Why? Because the U.S. is at a point where its Internet future will be further diminished if more state bills pass that restrict communities to taking the train when most prefer to fly.

Trains or planes?

Around 1940, the railroads were in their heyday. They had made America great, railroads still basked in the glow of their role helping to conquer the West, they had nationwide infrastructure, ushered in innovations, and railroad barons carried clout in D.C. and beyond.

Post-World War II, airplanes were…

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