RIM Is “Ready To Compete” *Crickets*

by Da'Von B.

Apparently RIM told European developers that they’re “ready to compete” even though they proclaimed “amateur hour” to be over nine months ago *crickets*, it’s sad to see a once thriving company get dismantled so badly where they continue to suggest things are fine when they’re actually the opposite. Though developers are dropping support of the Blackberry on a consistent basis lately maybe the QNX has a chance, however throughout the article it seems RIM’s new CEO is desperate to get developers interested in the twice renamed platform.

The thing he doesn’t realize is, when you’re a small developer with limited funds the platform(s) you focus on are where the users are. And the truth is the users are with Android or iOS, developers have a passion for making a great service and/or product but they also look at the monetary income that comes from it though it may not be the primary focus it still is in fact something that’s analyzed heavily. It’s difficult to gain traction as a developer on a platform that has very few users, or a platform that isn’t available at all with no hardware to test it on.

Time will tell, I won’t throw in the towel on RIM just yet…but realistically sales and a solid OS are important if you’re trying to grab the attention of developers.