Questions About The Samsung “Goliath” or Galaxy Note

by Da'Von B.

Question 1: Seriously why is this phone so huge (5.3″ to be exact)?

Question 2: How is it necessary to have a phone where you have to go back to using a stylus (regardless of the fact that they’re addressing this thing as a pen, it’s a stylus) to use various functions of the phone?

I’m all for competition and trying to surpass the company that beats you in quality and sales consistently (whether people wish to admit this or not remains to be the iPhone 4s, 4 & 3Gs in that order and yes the iPhone 3Gs is the same phone that came out in the summer of 2009), but competing by going backwards to an older technology or competing by continuing to increase your screen size to differentiate yourself and seemingly prove a point that you don’t have to copy Apple (which seems like the usual practice with Samsung) to sell phones doesn’t really cut it.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say at the end of the video is the feeling a large majority have when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note.