The Day After Apple’s Earnings Blowout

by Da'Von B.

Crisp sunny day in California (probably Unicorns and Rainbows over in Cupertino), it’s interesting, mind-boggling, and admirable of what Apple’s done over the last decade and yesterday’s earnings that I won’t delve into but you can read here, here, and here, with more colorful commentary here; pretty much obliterated Wall Street Analysts predictions (I’ve said countless times before, majority of “Analysts” that track Apple get it wrong because they truly don’t know or are blatantly ignorant to the company’s progress over the years more than likely a combination of both).

But there are things that are to be expected from the classical Schadenfreude(an) nature of many analysts and bloggers out there who will suggest Apple can’t do this again (again something that’s been suggested year after year, quarter after quarter) and yet I’m certain that they will.

So the company now sits on $96.7 billion in cash, sales of the iPhone are increasing, and more innovation is just around the corner. 2012/2013 will be one interesting year for the company whose products (sans iPods) continue to increase in market share and overall growth (macs included) while others struggle to keep up. Don’t think for a second that Apple will rest on it’s laurels the company will continue to fight continue to put out products that many will praise and will make many yawn only to be dumbfounded with the product’s success ie. iPhone 4s.

One more thing; about that mythical 4″ iPhone 5 that’s starting to jump around in the circus that’s known as the insane rumor-mill;

  1. I don’t see this thing coming out in the summer that’s a serious stretch
  2. I’d have to agree with Gruber if this thing has a 4″ screen the phone will be the same size as the iPhone 4/4s maybe thinner but the device will not be bigger

Time will tell of course.