One Industry Getting A Major Overhaul

by Da'Von B.

Well, looks like one of those industries I mentioned before in need of getting a major overhaul (or disruption) is actually getting one. With Apple’s education announcement mentioned yesterday many have had time to finally sit and think about everything going on though with some reservations. I’ll essentially link to the source articles but essentially Apple has created the digital tools for publishers and teachers (actually anyone) to create digital and immersive textbooks, this tool is free though if you click here you’ll see the reservations people are having. It’ll be interesting to see how this does because now that the tools are available it’s all up to the educators, parents, and students. The next question(s) now are will iPads be more affordable to students? How many Android Tablet makers will announce their own education initiative (because you know they’re always following their own path)? With the impending release of the iPad 3 or iPad 2S or whatever I have a feeling the iPad 2 will remain in production at a reduced cost…time will tell.