Magic Beans For Sale

by Da'Von B.

So far there have been a multitude of rumors related to an Apple television set, a 7 inch iPad to compete against the kindle fire, a lower priced iPad to compete against the kindle fire, an iPad with a retina and holographic display, an iPhone 5 with a built in digital can opener (exaggerating about this obviously…or am I?), rumors are flying all over the place and the source of the rumors are some of the last people on earth you’d believe, and yet popular tech sites report on these rumors (adding their own fluff) as if it’s potentially true.

The end result is to get as many “clicks” for their links as possible, there are people that live off of reporting and in their case many times false reporting. But there comes a point where readers have to actually take a step back or stop from clicking a baiting headline such as “Apple afraid of Kindle Fire working on 7″ iPad” where the body of the text simply suggests “yeah as reported from a site that has been consistently wrong about all Apple related products we think this may actually happen because they’re afraid” providing no logical basis as to why they’ve come to this conclusion.

Sadly readers continue to fall to the bait, and I’ve had many suggest that they believe majority of the contradicting stories they’ve read, with this being the case, I have a few magic beans for sale.