The Need for Disruption In 2012

by Da'Von B.

There quite a few industries in need of major disruption from cable television, to insurance, to education and many more. There needs to be that hit product or service that’s released that makes the major operators denounce it, then immediately act to stop it, then immediately sucomb to compete against it in an effort to keep their customers or to keep the masses from realizing how badly they may have been getting screwed over the years. The question is who will do what this year?

MIT will be offering certificates for free online courses launching what is being called MITx in which for an as of yet announced fee will provide those that have taken the class with a grade and certificate of completion. It may not be great to many but it helps to be placed on one’s resume which is just as important. The fact that education today has ballooned keeping many in generation Y in substantial debt is absurd and that’s putting it lightly. In the event that other colleges and universities go this route and maybe establishing a crowdsourced education alternative allowing those that have passed the courses to pay a reasonable fee for a grade, transfer credit, or certificate of completion, and I’ll go as far as to say after passing multiple courses over time that form up as completion for a diploma, this is what’s needed direly and those that’ll be affected won’t necessarily be the universities (though some will say this will end teachers actually teaching, on the contrary there’s no such thing as a ceiling for education and knowledge) if anything this would affect the loans that students take out for school and you won’t find too many feeling bad for these financial institutions, remember peer to peer loan programs are catching on as well and are bound to grow substantially. MITx is just a start and hopefully this will grow into something that will change things in education for the better.

It’s a small example, but when you look at companies like Simple (formerly Bank Simple), there’s a desire to change the status quo and cable television is up for being placed in a choke hold. Independent filmmakers and artists turning to YouTube and Vimeo, Louis CK kicking the middleman in the teeth offering his stand-up special online for $5 bypassing HBO and others and making a killing in profit, and rumors of Apple in the midst of negotiating with the industry to offer their programming on the mythical Apple Television Set that would likely cause an uproar and cause a significant shift in delivering programming, then there’s Netflix for all of their issues in 2011 moving into the development of original programming and gaining rights to exclusively stream a new season of a fan favorite in Arrested Development, and let’s not forget Google/YouTube investing somewhere around $100 million to create original content.

All in all there are a lot of business sectors that need to be shaken up and complete positive disruption is necessary, hopefully those that are in the process of causing such disruption for the better of everyone has the heart and desire to stand toe to toe and not back down from what will be a litany of potential arbitrary lawsuits, potential acquisition offers, and false accusations causing negative publicity, if they can do that and be the Davids against the towering Goliaths, and being the optimist I am, I believe most will, then there may be a chance that 2012 could be the year of much needed positive disruption to old abusive business models.