Keep Calm & Carry On

by Da'Von B.

Apple released an upgrade to the iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4S, and as expected people are bummed, let down, and disappointed, which leads to the conclusion that they’re all spoiled. The problem for their let-down is the fact that every single tech site they read damn-near assured readers that Apple was releasing two new iPhones and one would be named the iPhone 5, full of specs that obviously came out of nowhere. Now that the announcement has been made these same sites are saying the announcement is a disappointment, Wall Street isn’t happy, is this the beginning of the end for Apple and innovation; this is all pretty much asinine.

Apple’s new strategy mirrors that of their Mac line-up, they’ll introduce a new design and the next update will be mainly internal, no-one complained when the new MacBook Air’s were announced and there were no design changes only updated internal specs and a new smaller model. Only difference here is Apple’s mobile devices will likely be updated every other year, as opposed to the MacBook Pro or iMac that have yet to see a facelift and probably won’t until next year when I expect after I think of Apple in a logical tone that all of the Mac and iOS line-up will get and external and internal facelift.

I have stated countless times that people at their very best must at all costs ignore the fanciful dreams tech sites write-up, because as I’ve also stated before no-one outside of Apple and a handful of others (Mossberg over at AllThingsD and John Gruber over at Daring Fireball) know what the planned release of new products will be or look like. Analysts have struck out, and sites with idiotic headlines suggesting “Apple’s Fall From Grace” or “Apple Didn’t Manage Expectations” (I definitely won’t link to these as their essentially link-bait and offer no logical explanation for their spoiled disappointment or how a company that doesn’t say anything until it’s announced doesn’t manage expecations) continue to get things wrong, so it amazes me that people continue to read and believe everything they say as if it were fact.

I would bet 100% that next years new iPhone & iPod Touch model will have a new design and new internal specs, the main reason Apple didn’t throw in an LTE chip is because they’re power hungry ask those that own an LTE device how long their battery lasts and if they answer honestly they’ll say it’s horrible, and when you have a +4″ screen that rarely dims apps and activity running in the background and a data hungry chip set no-one that owns these phones will say the battery life is great, and having to have a spare isn’t a plus. NFC wasn’t added because it’s not in widespread use, and their are other technologies sure to be added next year, now just isn’t the time. All of the news of what Apple would have in the iPhone 5 came from analysts and tech sites as fact with the mysterious and more than likely fake “inside sources”.

Apple is an efficient company, they’ll release things as long as there’s a viable enough reason and the products are actually ready. Apple is not about doing things to please the pundits, pundits are growing more and more irrelevant, they’re more-so a company that will do things that make sense the let down spoiled group will get over it, and will more than likely upgrade regardless and move on.

Stop believing everything you read at sites that have proven to be wrong, keep calm and carry on.