Amateur Hour Continues For @RIM

by Da'Von B.

Rumors went around again suggesting that RIM would use a little logic and discontinue production of the abysmally selling Playbook, apparently the company has again come out to say that those rumors are not true, and that’s unfortunate.

The company may state over and over that the tablet has been released in many countries and their shipments are steady, but who’s actually buying them? For some unknown reason tech reporters/bloggers when provided with the opportunity to question certain individuals familiar with internal matters won’t ask “how many have actually been sold to customers?”. It’s the infamous question that RIM tends to avoid, shipping items and selling items are drastically different. Best Buy mentioned before that they were sitting on an excessive inventory of Playbook tablets and have recently slashed prices, that may not even matter with the Amazon Kindle Fire just being announced yesterday and sure to be the top selling Android tablet on the market.

It’s unfortunate that RIM will continue with the Playbook, a mediocre device that doesn’t do much has very little to no developer support with what is more than likely lackluster sales and is essentially overpriced vapor ware. The company looks more and more like an organization with no direction and believes in the practice of lunacy. Many may say that the kindle fire will have claimed it’s first victim being the RIM Playbook but that’s not giving credit to RIM who victimized themselves by thinking customers would actually purchase an overpriced paperweight. Seems like RIM is forcing amateur hour to continue a little longer.