Some People Will ALWAYS Be Let Down By Apple Events

by Da'Von B.

They’re the articles with titles of certainty when the story is essentially based off of rumors. They’re the “sources familiar with matters” the “inside sources” and the “people inside Apple” that either don’t exist, or really aren’t inside, it’s almost a guarantee these people don’t have the same sources as Walt Mossberg or John Gruber. People that read these articles or see these headlines suggesting “The iPhone 5 WILL Have A Digital Wallet” or “The iPhone 5 WILL Have LTE” when in actuality the writer of said article is going based off of regurgitated stories from other writers or analysts who haven’t the slightest idea of what they’re talking about and have inconsistent track records, people read these articles and take it as gospel ignoring the fact that NOTHING has been verified as a fact and by the time Apple events roll around and they don’t announce what’s been suggested to be fact by the rumor-mill theres a significant disappointement or letdown by many of those that read these sites.

Everyone should know by now that Apple rarely leaks information and if they do it’ll go to WSJ or AllThingsD that’s it, and if something did leak out it’s probably because an engineer may have lost their prototype iPhone. But Apple has a history of saying absolutely nothing and that could prompt “analysts” (though I swear I don’t understand how they keep their jobs), and others to post erroneous stories of what Apple will do based on “people familiar with the matter” when in fact it’s just their simple guess or assumption that doesn’t bide with logic or common sense based on Apple’s history.

Today’s news is that Apple’s next event will be held Tuesday October 4th, and this is coming from AllThingsD, a sight overseen by Walt Mossberg. Now Mossberg has a track record that can’t be ignored, and he obviously has close ties to Apple. So with this news it’s entirely plausible that the event will take place on or very near this date but Apple could change this at the last second. Now it’s just a matter of time until Apple sends out media invites to their next event and see what’ll be announced and when their devices will be available for sale, these invites usually go out a week before their keynote so maybe the media will receive an invite sometime between the 26th and the 28th of September, until then everyone should remain skeptical of Apple rumors and stop taking everything that’s read or written as gospel, because 95% of the time, their just guessing like everyone else.